If you’re currently grappling with food sensitivities, there’s no reason you still can’t enjoy delicious food. I welcome the opportunity to share with you what I’ve learned on my journey—through inspired cooking classes, manageable meal plan design, and simple, delicious recipes.

Let me show you how empowering changing your diet can be!

Services I offer:

1 month menu plan – $65

1 cooking session – $125

1 cooking session + 1 month menu plan – $165

3 cooking sessions + 1 month menu plan – $445

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    Do menu plans include shopping lists?

    Yes! All plans include a shopping list (with the ability to upload to Instacart) and easy-to-follow recipes.

    How long is a cooking session?

    Most sessions are 90 minutes. Each provides plenty of time for cooking and addressing any questions along the way.

    What can I expect in a cooking session?

    We will prepare each recipe together. I’ll also share tips, tricks and kitchen hacks. Depending on the recipe and your preference, we can cook it together or we can prep it and you can cook it for your next meal time.

    How many recipes do we cook in a cooking session?

    It depends on the number of ingredients and the complexity of the recipes. However, we are usually able to create 2-3 recipes in each session.

    What if I have dietary restrictions?

    Prior to your cooking session, we will have a 15 minute discovery call that will allow me to customize your cooking session with appropriate recipes for your nutritional needs. Menu plans are customized to your preference and dietary restrictions.