Stephanie Gonzalez NTP, CF-L2, USAW L-1, CF-GYM L-1

After the birth of my second child my body had become unrecognizable to me. In my youth I wasn’t an overly active person, although growing up my Mom and I would do aerobics a few times a week together. It was fairly easy during my youth to stay slim. Now after having children there were so many, too many things to list that I wanted to change about myself. I felt like all my other mommy friends bodies all bounced back quickly from having babies. I needed to start exercising again, but I didn’t know what to try. Yoga, Water Aerobics, Step Aerobics, Kickboxing are all things I gave a shot. It wasn’t until I found CrossFit that I felt like I had found what worked for me. I lost some weight and gained some lean muscle and found out I was a lot stronger than I realized. I kept hearing from my CrossFit friends that nutrition was key to weight loss and fitness. My diet at the time was a very SAD (Standard American diet) one, high in carbohydrates, low fat, moderate protein and mostly pre-packaged foods.

I decided to give an overhaul to my diet by joining a Nutrition Challenge for 30 days. I eliminated all processed foods and focused on a Whole Foods approach, if the food was not in it’s original form from being grown I didn’t eat it. I knew there had to be something that was propelling a lot of these athletes to having very toned, long-lean muscular bodies. Why couldn’t I have that too?

So, for 30 days I was faithful to my Whole Foods nutrition challenge. The first week was a little bumpy. I fumbled around in the kitchen feeling overwhelmed because I had always gone for convenience foods. Cooking from scratch with two little kids I thought would be impossible, but, this was important to me, so I tried! I kept at it, learning a lot of tips & tricks to make it easier along the way.

The results were incredible! After about 2 weeks, Inflammation reduced, which made my clothes fit so much better. My weight was changing but not from Weight loss it was from Fat loss. I maintained my lean muscle mass that I had worked so hard to build since starting CrossFit. Fat layers were shedding off exposing long lean muscles for the first time in my life. In addition to the physical changes, I had mental clarity and focus to detail, a ton of energy (for workouts and to play with my kids) and I had the desire and energy to spend time with my husband again. I could not believe that after so long I was finally reshaping my body. Yes, It was hard work in and out of the gym, but it was so worth the effort. I have taken my 205lb body from an out of shape size 16, to a lean, strong 148 lbs. athlete!

Shortly after, I became a Level 2 CrossFit Coach with Gymnastics and USA Weightlifting certifications, and in 2017, I earned my Nutritional Therapy Practitioners Degree.

Nutrition was never a short-term goal. To me it was a long-term investment into my health. I wanted to set a good example for my kids, with the epidemic of diabetes in children and major health issues so many of us are suffering from it’s important for my kids to know that “Heath Care” starts at home!